Show us your desktop!

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  1. What's on your computer desktop? This can be reasonably revealing.. :graucho:

    To take a screengrab on a Windows machine, press shift and the 'screen print' key (located usually near the delete key on top right of your keyboard). For Mac users, I use the Grab program to take a window grab. Then attach the image using the forum attachment tool so that we don't have enormous pictures on the page.

  2. My desktop used to look like my harddrive had thrown up all over it, as when I copy images from forums I just drag them onto my desktop for later sorting! When it becomes too full I'd shift them into a Desktop Dump folder, but I've since put an alias for that (and for my LV images folder) onto my desktop to keep it clean and tidy.

    I love my wallpaper, I took the tile from an online store, it's gorgeous. :love:

  3. this is mine since yesterday

  4. I tiled this.
  5. ^ That's cute, Babydoll! I did a tile like that once though, and it didn't last long as I found I couldn't read the icons on my desktop. :blink:
  6. My desktop is the exact same picture I have in my signature, only big enough to fill the entire screen:

  7. someone took this picture posted it on here I love it so adopted it as my desktop
  8. Mines - Audrey Hepburn.
  9. My skater girl and short cuts to all my construction projects haha!
  10. This is on my desktop because I think is is SO FINE! :girlsigh:


    WWE Wrestler JOHN CENA
  11. Lol it's not that bad actually. I only have a couple of folders and the recycling bin so I can still see my icons. :tup:
  12. right now i have this collage with pics of me, my bf and my friends, i love it! i have lots of those with diferent pics on them... :nuts:
  13. Wow, that looks really cool and creative.

    I like it. :tup:
  14. Well mine is the two characters that Helena Bonham Carter and Natalia Tena play in Harry Potter... I love them both
  15. thank you! :p takes some time to do it, but in the end it looks really cool.