Show us your Cricut creations!!

  1. I'll post the birthday card I just made for DH soon. ;);)
  2. Ahh, the pink one is for breast cancer awareness!! Let us know if you got it!!
  3. Here are a few more I've made.
    image-557416570.jpg image-1321911962.jpg image-4143383961.jpg image-3695953592.jpg image-2814047836.jpg
  4. Here are two cards I made this evening. I did these using the Cricut, the Cuttlebug, and embossing.
    image-1738817570.jpg image-3698237758.jpg
  5. so cute!!! every time i go buy a cricut i think of all the fabulous thing i could probably(but would never) do lol. my cousin needs to live near me so i can use her's!!
  6. I'm so jealous... LOL I've always wanted a cricut for a long time, but I couldn't justify the cost --- considering other crafts I'm into.

    For sure you'll gonna enjoy your new toy. Have fun, and always show us what you made with it!
  7. so i'm a little nieve in the world of 'personal cutters' and i recently learned about sure cuts a lot and make the cut software... to find out that the owners of cricut sued both of those companies so you can no longer use them on the cricut machines.... however there are a bunch of other machines that you can...

    one being the silhouette... which looks amazing... and if i'm reading correctly the most current version it comes with a program where you can design your own stuff and not use any cartridges (which is what SCAL and MTC do)

    i even found a machine that does metal engraving! however that starts at $900+ which is sooooooo not even a possbility right now lol

    but the silhouette is on Amazon right now for about $270
  8. That's really great! They look so expensive.
  9. I love the second card. So cute!!!