Show us your COACH secondhand BARGAINS!!

  1. This one was too good to pass up. From the same Goodwill as the brown one I posted a couple of days ago. Also a 1998 Soho Buckle bag in black. It was at the store when I bought the brown one, marked $19.99. Went back and found it marked down to $12.99!
  2. Hi there! I see you rehabbed a nubuck Sonoma bag. I would love to see pictures and if you have any advice for me as my Sonoma Nubuck flap bag is drying... I'm hoping I got all the marks off and don't have to dunk and scrub again.

    Anyway, any advice you have would be greatly appreciated.
  3. I've hit a nice Coach Leatherware streak lately at Goodwill. A 1989-90 Spectator Compartment Bag #6850 and a mid to late 80's Handle Portfolio #5050 together (with a $5 off coupon) for under $45!
    DSCF0269.JPG DSCF0274.JPG
  4. PHP:
    I bought a Coach briefcase new in the mid 80s, probably 1984 or 1985. It is very similar to your Portfolio. Mine's number is 9528. When I google that number, nothing comes up, so I wonder if it is instead a unique number. It is made in NYC, and the number is not glued in. At that time I think it cost around $150. (A basic bag then cost around $70).
  5. If the 9528 number is part of the serial number and it's a NYC bag then it's part of a unique serial number and NOT the style number of the bag. Style numbers weren't part of the serial number until 1994.

    The Salearea Guides have more information on creeds and serial numbers:
  6. Thanks for the info!
  7. Just got a new to me "starter" Kristin. She is the white mist Kristin hippie. Great condition!

  8. Love!! I always preferred the older Kristins w the squishy strap :smile: I must admit I'm a tad jealous. Enjoy your beautiful "starter" gal!

  9. Thanks! Missed these gals as a newbie but good to know they can be found.
  10. My new-to-me Bronze Sophia. She's so soft and smushy and shiny.
  11. Nice pick, she looks brand new!

  12. Oh no, I missed Sophias too. Are they hard to find?
  13. If you shop on eBay or Bonanza, there are quite a few. :smile: HTH!
  14. Thank you! She was a little smushed, but she is super clean; not a mark on her!
  15. The first one may well be my "find of the year"!!! A 1960's-ish, pre-creed, double kisslock bag for $19.99. Then a 1992-ish Coach Leatherware Fulton Bag...super, heavy-weight leather, also $19.99.
    DSCF0399.JPG DSCF0404.JPG DSCF0421.JPG