Show us your Coach charms!!!

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  1. I thought this would be a fun thread, so ladies bring out your charms :p
    I just got my first charm today, brown/khaki sig photo. Hopefully I can get a picture shrunk down enough to fit inside it.
  2. ohh yes id like to see them! I dont have any yet and id love to see how everyone uses them!
  3. I have a question about charms. Is there a way to order the coy fish charm from JAX? They have them at my outlet but it's so far away and I really don't want to drive there! Does anyone have the item number for that one? And also the item number for the new skull keyring? I want to order one as a christmas gift. Thanks!
  4. you can order it from your outlet and they will ship it to you but at full price.
  5. Maja80, the style # for the skull keyfob is 92269. If u have a PCE card, u can order it from your local Coach store w/ the 25% discount. You can also order it full price from JAX. It retails for $38.
  6. what is JAX that everyone always refers to? :shrugs:
  7. Jacksonville, FL. It is Coach distribution center. When u place an order online or at the store, the items are shipped from Jacksonville, thus JAX to simplify.
  8. ohhh thanks luva!
  9. Thank you!