Show us your Chanel shoes!

  1. I'd love to see pics of any and all Chanel shoes!
  2. EDIT: Placed photos in thread linked above.
  3. [​IMG]
  4. ?? those are guccie not chanel
  5. Jetsetgo, that last pic is divine!
  6. :heart:My Chanel Shoes:heart:

    I love sneakers and comfortable shoes. But I don't like looking too causual all the time call me crazy but I loved these shoes ever though they are gold and shiny.:smile:
    chanel.JPG chanel (2).JPG
  7. my corals:heart:
  8. Wow, those are amazing!
  9. Love them, Guccidiva!
  10. My Chanel Ballerina Pumps (I've never used them with the laces though):
  11. ^ you should wear them with the laces...they're gorgeous!
  12. Here are my new loves :love:


  13. JetSet, I looooove them! So jealous! :love: