Show Us Your Chanel Christmas Presents!


Sep 4, 2006
I am hoping to have a vinyal cabas to show :smile: My boyfriend was in New Delhi when someone here posted one had been spotted there. I called him and asked him to call the boutique and check. He told me it sold out, but keeps telling me he can't wait to give me my gift and that I am going to be soooo suprised. *fingers crossed*


Dizziness to myself
Mar 16, 2006
no Chanel for me:cry: Didn't ask for or expect any though. . . I treat myself in that dept;)


I don't usually get Christmas presents because I don't ask for any and I usually have a tendency to be extremely juvenile and bug my parents for presents during the year so I gather it's not too clever to press for a Christmas one from any one in the close as well as extended family, LOL.

Nothing exciting but I got this Chanel (my first) bag, as a rare Christmas present, from my Rue Cambon vendeuse lady:



I gather some ladies here have read about my bimboness and indecision when my vendeuse lady asked me which bag I want. In the end, she got bored and came from Paris (I like to think that I'm important :P, but in reality she just came to deliver some stuff for her other clients :lol:) and took me to a boutique in London and told me to choose one on the spot, LOL.