Show us your AMORE!!! (Or, l'amore) !!

  1. Im thinking since everyone wants to see the diff styles and how they look in amore, we should post what they look like on our bags, placement ect.

    Me first!!! I just got my dolce yesterday (still has the tags, havent even broke it in yet!!) Enjoy! Cant wait to see everyone elses bags!!


  2. Cute bag!!!! I really don't think you can get bad print placement with the amore until you prefer certain couples

    I like ciao ciao and adios, the lattes and the moofia family and the cactus kids the most
  3. wow nice dolce :drool: ...i love the print placement..even though im not into amore print :biggrin: its too hearty and pastely for me :biggrin:
  4. I haven't taken a picture of my Gioco yet! It's still in the Lesportsac bag even! I have not had a spare minute since buying it, so get it out of the wrapper & take a picture.

    I recently started a new job & it's seriously kicking my butt....
  5. You have to post a pic of your gioco.

    Very nice amore dolce!

    I'm gonna cry I wish Pulse would get their shipment in.:crybaby:
  6. Loooove it!!! I really really really want the dinosaur couple but I'm sure on a zucca I could get that.
  7. You'll probably get everything but whether or not it's in a good spot is another question. I want Bastardino and Polpettina and I keep finding print placements with a strap across the edge of one of them or the feet are cut off or something like that....
  8. eeeeee i love seeing amore on any bag! this print is for the win! since it looks good on any bag, it makes me want all the bags o.o
  9. Yeah that's what I was worried about, b/c I want it somehwere near the middle on the front so people can see it.
  10. Super cute dolce! :love: Congrats!! :yahoo:
  11. ohhh you're so lucky to get both the latte couples and adios and ciao ciao on the dolce! i went to my local Nordstrom and they had 3 amore dolces but none of them had a good placement of both the latte couple and adios and ciao caio :'[ the search continues! hopefully macys will get their shipment in soon!!
  12. Oh, ur dolce is lovely! Makes me want to get one too!
  13. I got a denaro at Nordstroms today. They only had 2 to choose from, this was the better of the two. I :heart: it :smile:
  14. That is a nice denaro. I love the two lovebirds. :heart:
  15. here is the other side of my denaro, i love the lattes!!
    This print is so cute! Im definatly going to have to get something bigger