Show us your Alaia:)

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  1. Girls, I cannot believe that Alaia shoes & bags doesn't have own thread.
    Do you like Alaia?
    Post pics of yours.....Have fun:smile:
  2. I love Alaia shoes, but am a 35, so it is so hard to find them in my size, and when I do, they are so expensive, I can never justify it! They are never on sale in my size! I would love to see other people's Alaia shoes though, because I think his shoes are gorgeous!
  3. I love Alaia too!!:love:I have some ballet flats. I would love to own a pair of heels, but they are so tall!! I would fall for sure!
    I will try to post pics soon!!:flowers:
  4. Great thread OP! cannot wait to see pics...
  5. I have two pairs...I will post pics in a few days. I love both! One pair I paid full price for and the other I paid $30 for secondhand.
  6. i see them at the barneys wearhouse sale specifically in your size each year. Size 35 is left and size 42
  7. Got these on sale a few months back:

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  8. these are sooooo beautiful! may i ask where you got them from?

  9. They were on sale at both Saks & NM over the summer. I believe Alaia brought this style back in suede for fall.
  10. k*d! Those are amazing!! Absolutely love it!
  11. I loooove Alaia!!! I'll try to get a pic of mine up soon. I don't have any at work.
  12. I have 1 pair...cuz they are so expensive, but more low-keyed then your avg CL.
  13. love alaia...but i can never seem to find anywhere that stocks them near me...

    i always think of clueless when i hear alaia :lol:
  14. ^^^ :lol:

    I know! the prices are insane. I wish I could afford more.

    Here are the ones I have.

    Attached Files:

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  15. those shoes are hot Jetset and K*d! and to clarify, when I say low keyed, I meant they are less in your face in terms of media, celebrities, fellow-tpfers. design-wise, they are definitely au courant and edgy for sure.