Show us you H-H in action!! Pics please!!

  1. You gals are soooooo sweet:heart: make a girl feel good! Thanks!
  2. the color suits you and the bag looks great on you! :tup:

  3. Some new pics... Bungalow in Winter White with Le Punk Keyfob
  4. OMG, I'm loving this thread.

    I want pictures--more[​IMG] more [​IMG]more[​IMG]
  5. ME too Karmen!!:yahoo:
    I really wish they would sticky it as a reference thread!!! I suppose there just isn't enough "action" here yet... :tdown:

    OH MY GOD LEO..... another FAB set of modeling pics.... I had no idea the Bungalow bag was that big!! I LOVE BIG BAGS!! IT looks great!! And on a sidenote...can your stomach be any flatter?? I mean really now, as if I didn't feel guilty enough about not exercising....LOL...
    I'm taking out my Tharpe this weekend...I'm definitely going to take some pics!! :p all your modeling shots here...even if they are REPEATS/DUPLICATE pics from other posts....this way we have a centralized thread for reference:yes::yes:
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    I'm a pro at sucking it in, chodessa- lmao!
    Thank you both! I think that's the last bag, though. So until I buy something new I won't have any fresh pics. There is definitely plenty of space in the bungalow, and you can find them at great prices right now.
    And yes, everyone post your pics here! Some of us might have missed them in other threads! Thanks!

    Can't wait to see your tharpe, chodessa
  7. Liar liar pants on fire....your bod is as fab as your wonder everyone else is avoiding posting in this dying thread!!:supacool:
  8. Leo, you make the bag look hot! I wasn't big fan of the Bungalow until I saw your photos. Looks great with the key fob!
  9. Chodessa! The HH girls are some of the hottest girls on TPF (you should know!!) Theres no way they aren't posting because of me :nogood:

    Thanks cciele! It really is nice, and the leather is so soft!
  10. wow! leo, you are the hotness and the bag looks good too. the two of you make an amazing pair. :ps:
  11. Modeling shots of my Anthracite Tharpe!! (I cannot believe what a great price I snagged it for at the last sale!!)
  12. :okay:
  13. And the Dominique Satchel in Creme :love:
  14. Wow. How can anyone not like these bags?
  15. OMG! Both bags are gorgeous!!!