Show us you H-H in action!! Pics please!!

  1. Thanks, Namka! I'm so surprised as how versatile the merlot is! Totally didn't think I'd be wearing it so much in the summer! And the metro pass pocket is :swoon: why dont other designers factor that into their brands like HH?!
  2. My caffe pallenberg also has the metro card pocket. i went to a meeting and stocked up the pocket with business cards.
  3. Sweet, Sally! I love that pocket!

    Couldnt resist snapping this today, bc I'm wearing the messenger, pl laurel flats, and pl celina. :tender: I miss the pl!!!
    image-249554258.jpg image-1417427168.jpg
  4. Such pearly gorgeousness! The PL accents are perfect with that divine lace top!
  5. Now that is some stylish modesty! You look fabulous, Enga!
  6. Thanks jenni and Namka! Oooooh, I wish I could find a staci in pl! I love, love what pieces I did manage to get! Dressing for the job isn't as hard as I thought itd be! More like an exercise in staying wi the parameters!
  7. Enga - you look great in all the outfits.
  8. Gorgy ENGA! You are platinum this summer, Momma?
  9. Thanks Sally and cho! Yup, I'm pretty blonde at the moment, lol!!!
  10. Enga you are looking amazing!! :ps:
  11. Meow, Enga!!! HHot stuff!!!! :smile:
  12. Thanks dream and bri!!!! Xoxo
  13. Great pics! Loving that merlot messenger. So glad this thread is revived!
  14. Hi HHHotties! Long time no see!

    I attended a colleague's wedding this week and pulled out a HH tunic/dress (can't remember the name)... I also wore the HH "alien" coat over it - blue canvas, cordovan buttons and accents (also can't remember the name - this is what happens to me after having another baby!)

    It was so comfy and luxe! Love classic HH!
  15. I'll post some pics of the coat later!