Show us you H-H in action!! Pics please!!

  1. Taking this idea from another subforum......please post modeling pics of your H-H bags and accessories....(great for reference!!)
    If possible, please include name and color of the H-H you are showcasing!!
    Mods please move to the H-H reference section if possible!
    I'll start...
    My Prune Gaza Hobo:
  2. Dominique Hobo in Creme (Paule Marrot Edition)
  3. Love your hair chodessa! And your bag, of course =)
  4. ^^Thanks leo :hugs:, YOU my dear have shared many a HOT H-H modeling pic....please post in this thread so we can have a centralized thread for style and size references!!
  5. And please excuse my typo....should be Show us your H-H in action!!
  6. Pretty please ladies?? This will give some of us H-H newbies an opportunity to get an idea of various styles.....
  7. Oh yes! Please ladies! Sooo much better to look at your own modeling pic's than the stock photos. Can't wait to see your pic's!!!
  8. Well... Here are my modelling shots, lol

    Pallenberg Clutch

    Black Mosa Hobo

    Nico in Currant
  9. Mercer Clutch In Oyster

    Lorca In Anthracite (sorry aboot the boobage)

    Mini Erol Tote (YES I did pose with it, LOL)
  10. Last one for now... But might post a few more later

    Clutch Wallet in Anthracite
  11. :tup:All fabulous choices!! They look great!!
    PS - Love the boobage!! lol....
  12. Holy Crap are HOT, and you make those bags look soooooo good. Well they are gorgeous bags, but damn you wear them well. You're definately going to give me anxiety when it comes my turn to post modeling pics...LOL
  13. Gorgeous, gorgeous Chodessa.......another beauty HH bag and another HH beauty to wear it!!:tup:

  14. :sweatdrop: Thanks so much! Thats sweet of you to say - can't wait to see your pics, I bet you're a supermodel... It's always the modest ones :p

    LMAO... "Perdon z boobz"
    It's so hard to find appropriate angles these days, haha. Thanks!
  15. ^^^Thanks for the compliment Leo...but not in case,LOL....I'll be brave though with the prato Sao Paulo tomorrow....