Show Us What's In Your Bag...

  1. Almost every designer forum here on TPF has a thread for members to show off what they carry in their bags, but what about those bags that don't have their own forum?

    So here's your chance to show us what you carry in your bags.

    This is the only bag I own that doesn't have it's own sub forum. I got it this past Christmas from my grandmother and today was my first time using it. I have no idea what made her get me a bag, she has no idea about my bag obsession. I actually really like it though and it's a great casual bag and it fits great across my body.

    Here's what's inside my cross body fossil bag....

    [​IMG] [​IMG]


    Inside is...

    LV white multicolor 4 key holder (car keys and house key attached)
    Digital Camera (Inside Pink Hello Kitty Pouch)
    LV Azur Mini Pochette (Makeup)
    Harajuku Lovers Pouch (Pill bottle, Girlie stuff, Gum, ear buds etc...)
    LV Vernis Framboise Small Ring Agenda (used as wallet)
    LV Vernis Framboise Cles (coin purse)
  2. ok i'll play: love this thread in the coach forum

    in my medium carly i have:

    keys on tiffany key ring
    lv mono clés for coins and business cards
    coach wallet
    lv agenda
    work id
    hair clip
    and usually my glasses
    DSCN0497.JPG DSCN0498.JPG