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  1. Congrats! This is so right for work!
    Perfect choice!
  2. Thank you! Love the mini bow bag! It's so cute and just the perfect size!
  3. I got these at mark down. Gotta stay away from malls and online sales from now on :sweatdrop:

    Coffer in mughetto

    Matelasse in papya
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    new Selfridges in London have a great sale on. Queues for all the different designer bags. However I have for a long time had my eye on getting a Miu Miu Matelesse bag. Love the look of them, love the feel. Got there at lunch time and it looked like most of the bags had gone however they still had a gorgeous black one which I bought for £670 (it was originally £1,100). When I got to the till it was £570 so I wasn't complaining. Bargain! Here is my beauty. Love it!

    What is she called?

    The inside

  5. Matelasse is my weakness, too! Jealous!
  6. Gorgeous! Do you know if they had any of the Madras shoulder bags on sale? I really want the pink one!
  7. Nice colors ! Have fun using them.
  8. Your bags are so lovely! I didn't know that the sales would extend. I should've gone down to the boutique. I went to the Reebonz sale instead and got a Burberry bag :p

  9. Such a cute bag. Congrats!
    Miu Miu really make adorable bags for ladies!

    I buy miu miu cos of their matelasse! It's their trademark. High 5 on our similar taste! ;)

    Thanks! Initially, I started off with black and neutrals. Now only buy happy colors. Life so stress with work, so need to add colors into my wardrobe :biggrin:

    Miu Miu may add more new sales items. Not sure when. Those bags I got were the last pieces, so I grrrrab!

    I went to reebonz ytd, it was chaotic! I didn't get anything cos i think some of their online sales are even more attractive. Do u do a reveal? I wanna see your Burberry!
  10. My June contribution: Miu Miu studded slippers in rose gold. :smile:
  11. i love those shoes! :biggrin:
  12. I love these! May I ask where you got them from and how much they were? They are so perfect, congratulations!:biggrin:
  13. Super cute! Are they stiff?

  14. Suprisingly not...they are quite comfortable.