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  1. OMG SO cute! Congrats!
  2. Envy you!!! Such a lovely bag!!! Congrats!!
  3. @romanticaffair thanks so much for your reply! I went ahead and purchased the bag and it is such a beauty:cool::yahoo::happydance:
  4. so cute:loveeyes::loveeyes: im thinking about getting one too! how do u like them ?
  5. Haven't got then yet, they are still on their way, once I receive them ill let you know, I'm just hopping they are not stiff at all :smile:
  6. From Miu Miu Singapore sale

    Miu Miu Patent wallet. Large enough to fit iPhone or Samsung Galaxy inside. There is a glue mark in between the yellow and purple crystals in the top row but its not really that noticeable unless you look closely. Been so long since my last purchase that I didn't know MM now gives authenticity cards for their wallets.
  7. And here's the pics


  8. Pretty wallet! I forgot to go into MM and Pravda today....
  9. Thanks! Prada sale is disappointing though.
  10. Good, didn't miss anything then. Enjoy your new goodies!
  11. It's very beautiful, love the blings!
    After seeing your wallet, u made me feel like getting one but i had got 2 bags from miu miu on mark down. So I got to stop!:p

  12. Pretty wallet! I didn't go to the MM sale, and now I feel bad for not going. Haha.
  13. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1370956211.589215.jpg my first Miu Miu bag! It's perfect for work and carrying a laptop.
  14. Sneakers arrived today, they are gorgeous!! ImageUploadedByPurseForum1370981523.310246.jpg
  15. :woohoo: beautiful! Congrats!!
    I always wanted a pair of these but very worriy I would never wear it because it's so pretty!