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  1. chic, those are cute!!!
  2. my first miu miu!:heart: i wanted this wallet since 2 years ago and i finally plunged in yesterday.

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  3. when i convert the pics into jpeg files, they were too big to upload! sorry!
  4. What a beautiful clutch mischa-fan!!!!
  5. Thanks BellaShoes:smile:
  6. Thanks Luxe Diva!:flowers:
  7. Mischa! It is fabulous!! What color is it? I have a Prada Matelasse zip around right now but Miu Miu Matelasse is next on my list...
  8. Mischa, you can cut down the size on a photo hosting site like photobucket ;)
  9. Great :cool: Is this Mughetto? I'm going to get myself the mughetto Matelasse wallet like this one, but with the zipper next week :tender:
  10. Thanks BellaShoes and dotty8!:smile: yes it is mughetto. It's a really pretty colour:p dotty8, show us pics of your Matelasse wallet once you get it!
  11. Mmmm, Mughetto... is it pinkish or lavender-ish?

    And here is a proper pic of your beauty mischa! It's easy on photobucket!

  12. I'm looking for this bag...I don't know where to get it...
    Would someone please provide me some information or email for Miumiu stores in Europe?

    2011 Spring Summer
    Vitello Lux Sling Pochette
  13. Wow that color is so smooth and creamy!
  14. Just bought them today.
  15. Just bought this at Paragon Miu Miu $330:smile: