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  1. really pretty bracelet! Love the gold and pink, complements each other! :smile:
  2. I like your tiffany stack! I have the bow too :biggrin:
    miumiuwallet.jpg miumiu.jpg
  4. miu miu sunnies ♥
  5. Hi peace1029,
    I am thinking of trying color wash waterproofing service. Can you share your experience for your coffer after treatment at color wash?

    Thank you in advance!
  6. Et voilà ... my two birthday gifts!!
    I love them so much!!
    foto (5).JPG 528265_10200965697973126_1516771086_n.jpg foto (19).JPG 48004_249012985244803_86208521_n.jpg
  7. ^^ Congrats!! Beautiful items... and the color of the wallet is gorgeous :hbeat: And of course, happy birthday! :smile:
  8. This is just a small purchase - but I think I'm now hooked on Miu Miu! Saving up for a mini bow bag...

    I ordered a leather heart charm bracelet from the Miu Miu boutique in Las Vegas. The SA that helped me was an absolute sweetheart! Her name was Mindy, and she was nice enough to send me a picture of all the colors of the bracelets they had in stock so I could decide :smile: I went with the color "Cipria" which is closest to the famous bow bag color "Mughetto." Both are a nude color with pink undertones.





    I also recently posted a jewelry favorites video to my youtube channel and featured this bracelet, if you want to skip to the miu miu bracelet part, it starts at 8:45 :smile:

    Jewelry Favorites 2013
  9. Just bought this amazingly CUTE piece!!! Adored by friends and colleagues! :heart::heart: love it soo sooooo much!



  10. Gorgeous bag hana_3001!!
  11. Thanks! It is indeed adorable! By the time I bought it, it was the 2nd last one in Australia until they re-stock (god knows when! >.<). I also want the blue and black. Wish list! :biggrin::drool:
  12. thanks so much!!!:biggrin::biggrin:
  13. Hi,

    I just got my first miu miu wallet, love it!

    Just to check as this is my first miu miu items is it normal for the logo to be misaligned? Especially the 2nd "i" is slanted and is nearer to the last "m". My friend just helped me to purchase from Frankfurt miu miu boutique (there is a receipt to prove authenticity) but this misalignment is very jarring =(

    Is this manufacture defect or its just normal? Thanks for all input =)
  14. ^^ Well, it happens sometimes with Miu Miu that some angles or metal letters are not completely in line, yes :noworry: Specially with this Matelasse style. I have a black wallet like yours (but with the zipper) and it's not completely symmetrical... the letters are ok, though.

    So this kind of logo is not normal (the letters should be perfectly aligned), but it's not so unusual. If it bothers you I think you should go back to the store and ask for another wallet :smile:
  15. WOW your bag is amazing!!!! Congratulations!!