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  1. My lovely Christmas present from my baby girl :smile: I love how soft the leather is.
  2. image-2137367050.jpg
    just recently started collecting this little cutesies :smile:)
  3. lovely bag! very luscious leather :smile: cant wait until she turned one and bought mom another one :smile:
  4. Thank you! I adore them SO much!
  5. In love with my latest bag. Love the colour!!!

  6. image-1994638187.jpg
  7. Hi babes. Im new here. :smile:

    My fiance bought for me a Matelassé nappa leather hobo bag as a wedding gift exchange.
    And it's my very first miumiu handbag. Qns tho, is the Flap closure with Miu Miu lock meant to be "rusty"? (SA advised me not to polished it as it supposed to be that way) i kinda doubt tho.


    Many thanks! :smile:
  8. Lovely bag! Definitely my next purchase! :smile:
  9. Congrats! :woohoo:

    Well, yes, most of the Miu miu hardware on bags is not completely shiny and polished, it's supposed to look a little 'vintage' :smile:
  10. Thanks Dotty8! :biggrin: I feel much better now. lol.
  11. [​IMG]
  12. St. Cocco Bracelet in Antico

  13. [​IMG]

    Miu Miu credit card holder for my birthday. First Miu Miu!
  14. Lovely photo! Congrats, they look gorgeous on you! :smile:
  15. Very cute! Congrats! :smile: