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  1. Thank you noitsyou!! It is purple with silver MiuMiu tag, one zipper pocket!
  2. [​IMG]

    Picked up sunglasses this weekend - model SMU02H
  3. They are fabulous Vicky!!!!
  4. scored it from Barneys for a steal!
    -4.jpg -1.jpg
  5. They're fantastic! Congrats!!
  6. ohhh i got the same ones!!!!
  7. bella i still love your patchwork hobo...
  8. heres whats is coming to me....the color is not for everyone but i think its pretty special to me!!!

  9. Sorry post above is broken link:

  11. Thank you Windelynn, my patchwork is one of my favorite everyday bags!

    Windelynn, Your mary jane pumps are fantastic! Modeling pics please!

    CnSJ, the Cloquet is gorgeous!!! I love that Miu Miu finally has an e-commerce site.
  12. Hello everyone! This is my first EVER post on the Purse Forum as it is only a recent discovery for me! :O (I know, right?)

    Anyway, here's my contribution to this thread! My latest (and first) Miu Miu purchase! I am addicted :S

    I'm not sure how to put a piccy, but here's a link to the appropriate post on my blog!

    Miu Miu loafers: http://irrepressiblefoodbaby.blogspot.com/2011/04/latest-shoe-purchase.html
  13. Welcome Tenshii!!!!

    Lovely Miu Miu loafers!

    Here is your pic...

  14. Love the metal peeking out through the penny keeper slot. Adorable!