show us the bi-tri colored babies!

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  1. I was going to say Birkins and Kellys but there are others out there, too - so let's see some pics!

    (Help pls if this thread already exists :smile:)
  2. I'll start: here's a gorgeous 28 plume from the inimitable iris168


    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  3. That's beautiful
  4. That Plume is delicious!!!
  5. Excellent idea!! Katel. Especially now I'm fishing for bicolor ideas. Let me take couple quick pics and post my bicolor. Brb.
  6. ^^^yay can't wait to see it nafnaf

    isn't it :drool:

    check her's up right now! I had to fight the urge....
  7. Couple pics of my indigo w/ bj:

    Attached Files:

  8. omg! That's gorgeous!! :nuts:
  9. Dear Ms. K:

    Gosh, that is beautiful (ok, any tiny tint of red, I'll said beautiful)....

    This purse ban is driving me NUTS.........:crybaby:
  10. ^^^You are a very strong lady, Ms. MORGANNG!

    I saw your post about the white birdy KP and nearly pm-ed you myself - and I don't need that KP - well done you for resisting that!! :heart:
  11. that plume is AMAZING!!!! argh...but white....but it's gorgy gorgy gorgeous!
  12. Dear Ms. K:

    It is mixed of feelings..... Happy about the $ in the pocket but this can see can't buy is making my heart ACHE.... I don't know if I may stay sustain if the color is RED???
  13. nafnaf, I have never seen that combo before, but it is absolutely stunning!!!
    After H green, H blue is my fav colour, and that has two blues, gorgeous!!
  14. Ms. MORGANNG, perhaps you can indulge with this plume as it's epsom, durable, with vermillion snap pop interior fun for summer and price is very reasonable??!!?? :graucho:

    I think you deserve it for turning down that white ostrich KP your SA offered you! :heart: And with this purchase ^^ you will be approx. $4k ahead! :P


    OK ladies and gents, I know you're out there with your gorgy bi and tri-colors....pls post em so I can :drool: when I come back tonight...
  15. This thread does exist in the Hermes Colors in the Reference area! Lots of lovelies!!

    Special Combo Bags- PICS ONLY PLEASE!!!!!