Show us pictures of your TOKIDOKI Collection

  1. I know some of you have you have posted your Tokidoki in the Show off your collection section, however there are so many people on this forum that it makes it hard to search for just the pics. If you have pics of your collection to share, I am sure other Tokidoki fans besides myself would love to just drool over them. :p So show us pics of your Tokidoki collections.
  2. Just these guys right now, but that will hopefully change soon....

  3. here they are! my tokidoki collection thus far :]
    tokidoki collection 2-11-07.JPG part 1.JPG part 2.JPG
  4. how do you wear those two bags? looking at them, i can only think that the smaller, longer one could be like a strap across the body, but how the heck do you wear or carry the larger on? if you wear it as a messenger, can you get in and out of it? it that an odd opening?
  5. photoobsessive: one's a waist bag, and the other is a is an odd opening, but I like it (under the flap is another pocket, which is good for the stuff you need more frequently...I keep the wallet in the main part, so I know I pretty well can't lose it!).
  6. This is mine! [​IMG]

    I'm getting a pirata soon in bambinone =)
  7. Some of you might have seen this, but might as well...

    Tokidoki for LeSportsac

  8. And Tokidoki Accesories
  9. Awesome collections everyone!! I wish I could share mine but I just asked my BF about his digital and he said he doesn't know where it is.:confused1: We're growing out of our apartment and we even have a storage unit I guess it could be anywhere. One day I promise I'll get a pic of all my Toki to share.
  10. yay! Its so exciting seeing others prints! I totally forgot to take pics of my smashbox stuff!!! >_< I have a mirror and eye shadow too.

    Everyones bags are TOO CUTE! and im so jelous of all of you that have foresta!! I would have one already but im being *picky* about the print placement. Has to have the shark!!
  11. Wow, everyone has such nice collections. I want another Tokidoki, lol. I'll post my lone campeggio soon (no collection here yet but hopefully a pirata will be next). :yes:

    Tokidoki lover, where did you get your toys? Did you get them here in Hawaii? They are so cute. I like the siggies too, lucky you. If only he'd come here again when I get a few more bags.

    Frogbubbles, you've got more than me, hehe.

    Lambfashionista, all I can say is WOW! I keep going back to look at your stuff.

    Momochan, I want to get a pouch to match my bag like the one you have. Did you pick the print placement or was it random?

    Bedhead, do you have one of every print? Post pics of your pirata when it arrives.

    Azumie, do you leave the plastic on the little gi (sp?) hanging on the bag? I ask only because I have not removed the plastic from mine even though I am already using the bag, hehe.
  12. yea, i wear the bags with the qees still in plastic (LoL)
  13. disney- I bought my cactus love set from urbanztoys in Kaimuki. (far for me since I live in Makakilo!) I know they had some left over, you can call them, they are really nice, or visit the website URBANZ TOYS // HONOLULU, HAWAII. I got my latte from eBay, and the same with my mozzarella which is still in the mail. I also just won a dunny! :heart: from eBay. Urbanztoys is the only place I have seen/heard of tokidoki toys on Oahu. THey are reasonable too. they just sell out really quickly because of the demand!