Show us pictures of you and SIMONE LEGNO !!!

  1. haha is there a thread about this yet? where and when did you meet him? does he have an accent? does anyone know if his house is all tokidoki murals and everything we'd dream of?
  2. idk if i ever saw a thread like this...but here's my pic ^__^ and yes he has an accent. This was at the signing @ Sephora @ Ala Moana in Hawaii.
  3. i love my picture of me & simone. this day was still the most awesomest day ever since i've been in hawaii (almost a year).
  4. I have a picture of him and me from SDCC... somewhere... on one of the many memory cards I used :sweatdrop:

    He does have an accent, a pretty strong one. He's so sweet and cute! He always acts a little shy.
  5. he's kinda cute...:graucho:
    it must be awesome to have him as a BF...unlimted access to TOKI's!

    hey, i spy a lady (right side) outside the window!
  6. hahah that lady is probably like ":cursing: I want *MY* pic with that hawtiee Simone!!"
  7. awesomeeeeeeeeeeee
    i want to see more pics :heart:
  8. I have a picture but it was taken by my 9 yr old son, so it's like "looking up Mama's nostrils with some tiny guy in the background," LOL, so no way am I posting it!
  9. my friend stole the polaroid they took of us with simone @ bloomingdales in SoHo last December - but yes, he's hot, and shy, and has an accent! and I showed him my tattoo and he was so flattered and blushed! it was adorable! (and his gf is cute too!)
  10. i hooked up with a guy once who looked exactly like simone but a bit darker skin. lol
  11. :roflmfao:lol:roflmfao:
    those are the best kind of pictures!
  12. I HAVE MET HIM TWICE!!! Yes, he was so gracious and did have an accent. His girlfriend is super nice too. I chatted with her during my last signing at Nordstroms in Woodland Hills, CA. The best part is that he remembered me from the year before..that just made my day!
  13. oopps, here was my first time...its super dark, becuase I let some else use my camera but his smile is just too cute...I just love this pic
  14. Aw! Your making me want a Luna now Mango! haha I love the look of it as a messenger, how do you like it compared to the Campeggio?! Which is better for school?
  15. I do love my Luna for all my daily stuff, maybe a magazine water bottle, etc. But not for binders and textbooks. I think the campeggio would be better but you may have trouble with the zippers closing.