Show us pics of your adios star bags!

  1. I'm having a tough time deciding between two adio star stellinas I have. I was going to post pics to have ya'll help me decide but my cam batteries went dead! So, I'll have to post those later today!

    Anyway, if you have a bag w/this print, can you post it here so I can see all the good looking ones? I don't know if either one of these is considered "good enough!" Thanks for your help!:nuts: :smile:
  2. Do you guys like your adios star bags? I wanted one..but I've heard stories about them..and there's not really enough characters so I kinda leaned away until sales or something..
  3. I think its a very cute dh even likes it...but I love lots of color characters...and its very hard to get that when you're having them blind shipped! I have 5 in my possession right now....none of them had bastardino :sad: but that wasn't my only desire....I'm def. keeping one of them...they're so cute!
  4. okay! Adios star ciao...
    I have "issues" with cut up characters so this bag is great for me. It's really clean and just black and white on front and then it has great characters on the back and under the flap. I also have a super cute adios Canguro that Jen found for me... I'll post some pictures of it later. The only one I have is of me wearing it and the print doesn't show so well.
    adiosciaofront.jpg adiosciaoopen.jpg adiosciaoback.jpg
  5. Okay... here's the canguro :smile:
    adios canguro front.jpg asdios canguro back.jpg
  6. Like robot kitten I have issues with the star being cut up. Adios is one bag I knew I had to pick out in person. I have Bastardino on the front of my Bambinone and Polpettina on my Zucca. I thought I had perfect print placement (and I am happy with them) until I saw pics of the Zucca that has both Bastardino AND Polpettina! I'll post pics or mine later!

    I'd love to get a Denaro with the white star girl on it (My kennel name is WhiteStar...)
  7. Have you seen tokidoki lovers adios Zucca? It's crazy perfect.:yahoo:

  8. Every time I look at it I totally drool. :drool:
    Oh and I love you canguro, rainbow on the front pocket, such a cool placement!

    I got the sudden urge for an adios ciao ciao. :push: Only 1 on eBay and the dogs are UNDER the flap.
  9. I found a perfect stellina once but I was with my mommy so no buying for me :sad: she thinks I've started to spend too much (and I kind of agree O_O) but yeah. I have a mamma mia I :love: altho I really wanted a stellina original
    that perfect one I saw had sandy's head in the top middle and then characters on the flaps, pockets, and I think maybe sides? I just know it was the only adios stellina I was really :drool: over but like I said it disappeared fast :sad:

    I want to see your pics!
  10. Thanks! I had to have the rainbow on the pocket. The only way I was going to get an Adios Canguro is if I could get the "perfect" (IMO) print. TokiliciousJen found it for me :yahoo:
  11. robotkitten ....those are both so cute! I was trying to decide what print to get a canguro in and I think it might have to be adios star! I'm going to wait for it to go to the outlets and get it on sale! Do they ever go on sale anywhere else before then? sorry you missed out on a great sounding stellina! Sounds like a bag I would have had to find a way to buy!!!! I feel like I'm shooting in the dark trying to get a good one!

    I'm going to post pics later tonight and do a poll!!! Which one is the best to keep! Everybody please vote and let me know what you think because I am leaning a little bit...but its really a question you buy it for the front or the back?
  12. What kinda stories, Jessaka?
  13. i just ordered and returned two adios star zuccas (one from lesport, one from macy's), and neither had characters featured that i liked. this is one print that i definitely am picky about. maybe some of you can walk around carrying a bag with a little baby girl wearing a diaper made of the japanese flag, but this 30-year-old web manager can't :sad:
  14. ha! I love the japanese baby...never even thought about it...but my 8 yr old boy doesn't like the baby either!

    Jessaka...yeah, I want to hear the stories too!
  15. Jessaka... are you talking about how easy it is to get dirty or how wrinkles are really noticable? those are the most common one's I've heard :shrugs: