Show & Tell:- What's interesting in your city?

  1. I was wondering if any one had an cute stories or interesting things, facts etc about where they live that they want to share (yes I'm bored)

    I'll get the ball rolling

    This (pic below) is the Angel of the North she is giant statue beside the motorway (freeway) she weighs 208 tonnes is 20 metres high and her wing span is 54 metres (about the same as a jumbo jet)
    The Angel is made of copper which patina over time and eventually become the same colour as the statue of liberty, the Angels' lifespan is expected to be about 100 years
    angel of the north.jpg
  2. Interesting? In Prichsenstadt? HA! :smile:

    IDK...Here are some things that might be interesting:

    - We still have a medieval wall that surrounds the town
    - Every road in my town is cobblestoned...Not good for walking in heels!

    IDK, I guess that's it?

    Here is a gallery of where I live:

    Click on the small picture, to get a big version. Click on the bigger version to get the REALLY big version!
  3. Lamiastella cute town it's like a like fairy tale town I almost expect to see Hansel & Gretel walking down the street LOL
  4. Put on your history's a blurb about my suburb! :tup:

    Back in 1886, Peter Kirk, an enterprising businessman, auctioned off his property and manor in England and headed to America to make a fortune. He found his way to the Pacific Northwest. Like many entrepreneurs in his time, Kirk had big dreams, particularly for the land east of Seattle by the waters of Lake Washington. He thought it was the perfect place to build a steel town to support a mill.
    Kirk and his business partners built Moss Bay Iron and Steel Works with high hopes of creating the “Pittsburgh of the West.” The steel mill was completed in late 1892, but went under during the Panic of '93, the financial crisis that swept the nation in the spring. That economic downturn stopped the steel mill in its tracks. The mill closed without producing any steel. Kirk never did see his dreams come alive; he eventually retired and moved north to the San Juan Islands.
    But the little city survived the bumpy economy. Instead of steel, Kirkland rebounded by relying on wool milling and ship building. The first wool mill in the State of Washington was established in Kirkland in 1892, producing wool products for Alaska Gold Rush prospectors and for the U.S. military during World War I.
    Kirkland's ship building industry began on the Lake Washington waterfront with the construction of ferries. By 1940, Kirkland's Lake Washington Shipyard was building warships for the U.S. Navy; more than 25 were built during World War II on what is now Carillon Point. The location is now home to a luxury hotel and some of the most creative high-tech companies in the region.
    Kirkland became the first city on the Eastside in 1888 and eventually became incorporated in 1905. In the early 1900s, Kirkland was the transportation center of the Eastside with ferries transporting commuters and goods. The ferries ran continuously from Marina Park's city dock to Seattle 18 hours a day. The opening of the Lake Washington Floating Bridge in 1940 signaled the end of the lake ferries.
    Today, Kirkland is a community of 45,790 people with the region's only downtown on the waterfront.
    Kirkland is home to the Seattle Seahawks, the Junior Softball World Series and the Kirkland Kodiaks. The Audubon Society recognizes Juanita Bay Park as one of the area's best urban wildlife preserves featuring eagles, turtles and beavers. The National Volkssporting Association has named Kirkland one of the best walking routes in the country.​

    And a pic of Carillon Point:


    Other waterfront park shots:
  5. lol, come during Fasching/Carnival time and you will!
  6. Wow, looks lovely Purse!!
  7. We have so much, but I'm really tired now, so I can't remember the coolest things.

    However, the Nobel Peace Center is pretty cool:


  8. thanks m'dear! LOVE your beautiful and green :tup:.
  9. Thanks :smile: It's really gorgeous here in the winter after it snows!! A large christmas tree is set up in the middle of the town and is decorated. Garland is also hanging over the streets then...It looks absolutely gorgeous! If it gets really cold, the lakes freeze over and the kids go ice skating on them. It looks like a christmas card :smile:
  10. ^^^ ooh, so cool!! You're lucky you get snow...we're lucky to get a sprinkling sometime in January usually...last winter we got hit hard but normally not much snow for us boo hoo.
  11. Oh! I forgot something interesting:

    Germany's Economic Minister Michael Glos lives in my town. Interesting, eh? He flies in on his helicopter about once a week. His wife parades around town with her designer bags and fancy clothes...She doesn't fit in here, lol :smile:
  12. Uau, great cities :tup: Our town is so small I wouldn't even know what to take pictures of :roflmfao:

    Maybe one of these days I'll take my camera with me and show you what it looks like in the middle of nowhere.

    lamiastella, we're not that far apart actually (well, only Austria between our countries). I love your city and I'm really sad that I still didn't get the chance to visit Germany (I only drove through on the way to Paris).
  13. Lamiastella - you're town is so gorgeous! I agree with the fairy tale comment. It's in Germany right? It looks very German LOL, in a good way!
  14. Mine is the greatest city in the world. Born and bred! 'm in the heart of NYC. I'm sure you have heard of it. If you search the net, you can probably find a few pics. :whistle:
  15. Oh gosh, what's interesting in my city?
    I live in a small town in the Netherlands that isn't really interesting, and not at all compared to your hometowns!
    But what I really like is that it's so nice in the summer. Everyone's outside, and I live 5 minutes walking away from a beautiful canal to swim in the summer, and 15 minutes by bicycle from a big lake where everyone around comes to, so it's so much fun in the summertime.
    I do find the city a few kilometres away much more interesting. It's Nijmegen, the oldest city of Holland, which sounds really boring, but I like to go there to shop and go out!