Show Summer 06 Tobago carryall

  1. Hey guys i want to know with others think of this bag i fell in love with it in the store and i am going to get it maby end of summmer. THE YELLOW (looks orange) CARRYALL in TOBAGO IS SOO HOTT:yes:
  3. I just saw that at LV yesterday - GORGEOUS!!
  4. I love the tobago range. I want a black one;)
  5. Ooohh I never even saw those. That`s gorgeous.
  6. yeah i dont really love the colors of the tobago range (excluding black i promise im not depressed oe anything lol) the colors are too vibrant for me and if i spend $2000 ^ for a bag i wanna be able to wear it everywhere with anything! that said the leather is so soft and lovely and the carryall id a very well designed bag, i love hte fact that lv hae embraced the fact that the keepall can be improved upon and made those small changes for the bag to be more functional (i.e. hard base for structure, side pockets, bottom studs/feet) the only thing i acctually dont like about it is that it doesnt have a D ring!! oh well cant have it all! Well this bag (in mono) was my 1st lv bag purchase and i love it to death
  7. yea well i like it and i think its a perfect new look for an eaither everday use or travel but we all do have diff taste
  8. I love the shape
  9. me to
  10. the color variations are great
  11. Hikau has the black one and the OVEAU one

    I LOVE the JANUE (orange) I want all the keepalls
  12. i personally think the Ouvea Carryall is hotter. i've got one myself :graucho:
  13. Oooh I love the orange colour.

    Although any carryall is hot, yes yes, especially the ouvea. :P
  14. I love it! Its gorgeous :biggrin:
  15. Love it- esp. in the Navy :love:
    but that light blue is :yucky:
    But I love the yellow/orange- reminds me of mandarin! :upsidedown: