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  1. So, I was @ Fendi 5th ave yesterday and went into the show room. They have some cute stuff coming out in the spring. The only spy bag that was there was the new dark denim one that saks has. But they had some great shoes and some really nice clothes. I saw the "B Mix?" and some other bags. Some bags were kinda crazy. But in the store they had the new b hobo and some nice selleria. Great shoes...that are on sale, and a grey spy bag that just happened to follow me home. I will post pics of my new bag as soon as I take them.

    And coming out are some huge huge belts! It was the double f in chrome that was probably 5" in length and like 10" in the width. It was heavy too. But it was kinda cool.
  2. How does one get into the show room? Do you have to be a regular customer there or something? Thanx in advance
  3. I work for a different Fendi store, so they let us in.:yahoo:
  4. Hi Fendilover, Have you seen the catalogue Fendi are meant to be bringing out for the first time. I know my SA in England have said they are bringing one out so people could see the upcoming collection for 2007
  5. They did have the cataloque. It had a lot of selleria. I didn't take a hard look at it, but they did have them.
  6. Oooooh, lucky you! I saw your beautiful, grey Spy on another thread. Congrats!