Show Pics of your GIVENCHY in Action!!

  1. About a 3.5 weeks ago - DS clothes shopping.

    two-tone black/navy medium Pandora -
    IMG_1015.JPG IMG_1009.jpg IMG_1010.jpg IMG_1011.jpg IMG_1012.jpg
  2. From my blog: me with my Pandora today
  3. Can I ask where and when you got this? I'm looking for an Obsedia and this is one of three that I'm considering. I'm even selling one of my Celines to get one of these. So in love.
  4. Antigonas are beautiful. :worthy:
  5. beautiful shots ladies, love them
  6. This was 2011s/s style I believe, got a lot of compliments on this babe :smile::biggrin:
    431317_10150676586630559_712235558_9514419_1858549923_n.jpg 429994_10150676615835559_712235558_9514568_842890207_n.jpg
  7. Oh!!Really nice bag!!!
  8. Another rarely seen nightingale! How pretty and it makes ur outfit pop.
  9. your bag is lovely!!!
  10. Luv everyone's pics! Action threads are always sooo enabling :drool:...

    Joining here w/ my fave and 1-&-only travel bag, med crinkled/pepe brown pandora...
  11. ^^Beautiful!!!!!! The bun, sunnies, accessories - just perfection!
  12. Aww thank you! :blush: i luv your edgy panda too! did you find your small antigona yet?
  13. that is the most beautiful nightingale i've seen so far! :tup:
  15. ran quick errands at the mall today, here's my nightingale navy blue ss09 medium. love this bag to pieces!
    nightingale 1.jpg