Show Pics of your GIVENCHY in Action!!

  1. Small Antigona and I today on a nice spring weather day ;) More pictures are on my blog!

  2. :supacool::ps:
    Big wave kiwishopper! You continue to rock the small antigona.
  3. You look super amazing! The whole outfit is so on trend!

    Wohoooo....the nightingale looks great on you!
  4. Haha thank you so much :smile:
  5. Your Gale looks sooooo smooshy soft!

    Work it girl! Looking fab on a beautiful day!
  6. Haha thanks my dear :smile: it's my one investment piece for the year I want to make sure I use it often enough lol
  7. Out to a quiet dinner by myself... Thought i'd bring my madonna pouch as a clutch!
  8. I love that pouch!
  9. love this! i've seen the image on the tote, but the print on the clutch is more appealing to me. where did you pick this up and did you recall there being any more?
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    Thank you! :biggrin: This is from the menswear collection and I picked it up from Selfridges when the new season first hit the shops, don't know if it's still available though.

    Edited to add: after a quick search online, it looks like you can get it from Barneys here:,default,pd.html?utm_source=GAN&
  11. It's a great print. As much as I love the t-shirts, the prices are just ridiculous. I'd rather the pouch, it makes a quiet statement.
  12. It's been a few weeks since I've used Miss Antigona.

  13. Lovely!!
  14. Swoooooooooooooooooon! HRHsunnie, I love everything about this mod shot. Your black top and skinnies, your necklace, shoes, your gorgeous Leopard print coat and your beautiful Ant sets it off beautifully. I have a Vintage Leopard print coat, I searched for the right one in excellent condition that fit perfectly for years and finally found it 2 seasons ago. It is very similar to yours, except yours looks more soft. You look stunning my dear!

    You have such fun and hip style Sculli! This shot is darling! Thanks for sharing it.

    Beautiful bagmaddy! I am so in love with your blouse too. You wear your Ant so well!

    This leather color is great on you pzammie, such a fabulous neutral!

    What a fun out shopping outfit! Your scarf is beautiful too!

    malvs, this style and size looks perfect on you! Totally classic! Hope you had a fun outing, you look great! :smile:

    Kiwi, all of your mods are sooooooooooo super cute! Love this darling look, you are rocking it! I also love your smile, one of the best parts of all your outfits!

    hi amacasa, this is a really cute ensemble, I am loving the peplum top with your Gale. So happy you posted this picture.

    melikey, you have such great style! Love each and every picture you share. I always look at every detail, right down to your sunnies hanging from your shirt in this one! Keep on posting, adore your looks!

    hi bbagsforever, I am so happy you posted this pix of your Obsedia! There are not enough pix of this fabulous style. I am a bit of a crossbody freak, I love them so much and have a couple (ahem, ok maybe more than a couple, ha) It is for this reason ONLY that I have not indulged in an Obsedia, because I love it ---------- and it looks fab fabby fabulous on you! Thanks for posting and enjoy!

    Sooooooooo super cute indi3r4........ adore the colors of your Ant!

    Beautiful Panda heaRtb, love the handle strap on yours too! Look at that sunshine outside, I can almost feel it's warmth. You look great, hope your day was fun!

    Your pix is one of the reasons I love Givenchy, you can wear these bags with everything and anything! Adore your cute converse sneaks too. This is a really fun casual outfit to wear with your black Gale!

    PinkPeonies, this is ONE darling outfit. You look smokin and beautiful all at once. Kinda speechless!
  15. Thank you!! Your sweet comment literally made my day!!! Smile more and worry less! That's what I tell myself everyday :smile: