Show Pics of your GIVENCHY in Action!!

  1. Great choice of colour!
  2. Dark brown Pandora
  3. Large Pandora in dark brown, for this size, I prefer to carry it over my shoulder. Pardon the fat arms haha!


  4. You model the pandora really well. Love it!
  5. Great pics jeszica - those studs really make the bag super unique. Love how you matched with the animal print.
  6. I love this thread because it is so helpful for those who are wanting to know what a particular bag looks like when carried.

    It's not the best picture, but it should help for those wanting to know what a medium Nightingale looks like when carried. I usually carry it over my shoulder, very comfortable and stays put, but it is very comfortable over the arm and, as the photo shows, I do carry it from time to time this way.

    So, this is my baby....
    gale 1.jpg
  7. my new medium pandora... im sooo in love.
  8. Oh wow! Congrats on your new beauty!
  9. With my Givenchy clutch :smile:
  10. Would you be so nice to tell me the size of your Nigtingale?
    Many thanks,
    Have a nice day!

  11. Me and my Orange Givenchy Pandora at work today.
    2013-03-01 16.20.01.jpg
  12. Whic size is yours? Many thanks and have a great day!
    How beutifully suits you this special red colour... :o)

  13. Which size it is? Many thnaks in advance.
    So beautiful.

  14. I got it!! My HG! Black goatskin Small Antigona with silver hw! OMG I am in bag heaven (picture per my Instagram today) :love:

  15. Yahooooo!!! You got it! Major congratulations! I'm sure you love yours as much as I love mine. So happy for you!