Show Pics of your GIVENCHY in Action!!

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  1. Hello PurseForum. First post for me. I have several Pradas, Guccis, LVs, Burberrys and this is my most prized and beloved handbag thus far. I'm now a huge fan of Givenchy and looking forward to expanding my collection.
    Givenchy in NYC .JPG
  2. She needs to go out more often. I miss using my antigona daily. :heart:
  3. So gorgeous! Which size and colour is this? Thanks!
  4. It’s a small and the color is powder. I’ve spent the last 2 years searching for an earthtone color beige, nude...but nothing eye catching until this beauty! It was love at first sight! You will not regret your purchase. I’ve had this bag since June and have yet to swap it.
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  5. It was worth the wait! Really beautiful! I‘m torn between a beige/taupe or a burgundy for fall winter.
  6. Thank you. You cannot go wrong with either color for fall/winter. I believe my next color will be Burgundy.
  7. Beautiful. I tried this bag on before settling on my Antigona and it looks so much better on you than when I was modeling it in the mirror. LOL. Cute outfit too.
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  8. My trusty Pepe Pandora flying with me to Sydney!
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  9. Touchdown Sydney!
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  10. May I know what size is this Pandora? Thanks
  11. upload_2018-9-26_1-13-31.png

    Getting some sunlight :amuse:
  12. Medium :smile:
  13. Grunge may be dead, but the ‘90s are back!
  14. Grunge may be dead, but I’m bringing the ‘90s back!
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  15. Better shot!