Show Pics of your GIVENCHY in Action!!

  1. While waiting for my cousin outside the dressing room:
  2. Again while waiting for my cousin to fit a dress. I didn't realize the left side of my pants was bunched up! LOL.
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    im having so much trouble uploading grrrrrr...its giving me an error of upload fail:tdown:
  4. Hi there Londonfan!
    I'm not sure if this question has been asked before (please bare with me if it has), but I'm just wondering if the length of the straps of the small Antigona could be adjusted?
    It looks a bit too short to me and I prefer bags that can cover my lower part... haha!:roflmfao:
    I'm so very in love with a small tricolor Antigona right now, but since I've never been into a Givenchy boutique yet, I'm not sure if it's THE bag I've dreamt of...:p
    Can anyone please help? xxxxx
  5. My new to me antigona!!! LOVE...
  6. Gorgeous! And the proportion is perfect for your frame. Congrats!
  7. Thank you so much ehemelay!!!:smile:
  8. Really cute!! =) What size is that? I just got my first Antigona tricolor and surprisingly the small was perfect to my body frame.
  9. here's my new pandora in the croc embossed print! SO HAPPY to have gotten it!!! i love the print so much, i think it really makes such a difference. like the normal leather ones have such a different feel from the pepe leather ones which are so different from this one. i'm also lusting after the nightingale in the same print as well as the clutch! sorry about the awkward picture, there wasn't a mirror nearby!

  10. I recently purchased a tricolor antigona small. Were you planning to use the straps more often than carrying it on the arm? It definitely won't be long enough to cover your bottom half... =) I am 5'2 5'3 long torso and it comes to about my waist. but the medium is not that bigger than the small... 2-3 inches in length and the strap length will be relative to the bag's size so it will never be any longer by getting a bigger size. I got a small bc proportionately it fits my body frame better than the larger size.
  11. Beautiful! Love the bag and your outfit!
  12. Thank you! It's a medium. For reference, I'm approx 5'5/100lbs.

    Thank you Paris darling!!
  13. LOVE!!!! Omg-it's beautiful, I haven't seen the pandora in this print before; may I ask where you found it? Is it black or gray?
  14. hello! it's a dark grey and i got it at selfridges in london. it's new in! not more than a few weeks according to the SAs.
  15. Thats so gorgeous! I've been eyeing on this bag online! How does the leather feel and do you know what the leather is? From photos it kind of looks like suede but I wanted to make sure. Thanks!