Show Pics of your GIVENCHY in Action!!

  1. Such a gorgeous structured bag, beautiful!
  2. I am a givenchy addict already, Ricardo Tisci's work is great!
  3. My beloved...

    More photos can be seen on All love us ;)
  4. Cool :smile: how about posting some pictures of antigona bicolor in orange, yellow and purple. Thank you.
  5. Oh my God...i'm drooling
  6. That's a beauty!
  7. Hmmm what a lovely color!
  8. Oh my, it's gorgeous
  9. What a lovely color you have
  10. I'm thinking of purchasing either a yellow or orange Antigona Bicolor. Your thoughts please?
  11. Congrats! I really love this bag! Its in my wishlist!:biggrin:
  12. really, really fantastic bag! In love! Congrats!
  13. Is that a med or lrg? Either way, cant believe how chic that light color looks with a summer black dress.

    How lonh have u had it and how has the maintenance been? Any coloe transfers, darkening of handles and whatnot?
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    Here's my antigona. It's the perfect size even though I love my enormous bags.