Show Pics of your GIVENCHY in Action!!

  1. I love it! Perfect colors!
  2. Sorry for late late reply... I got them over reebonz sg website...
  3. I love this look! Your Panda looks more taupe than grey. Has it changed color or is it just my monitor?

  4. Thank you! No the color hasn't changed IRL. I think it is just the lighting and the colors I am wearing. Mine has always been taupe-ish color. Plenty of dark grey going on but you definitely see warmer (brown) tones coming through. I definitely did not want a straight grey color...wanted more warmth and earthiness to it. This was the ideal blend.
  5. Girlfriend! You are so rocking the panda and the bal jacket. Rock chic perfection! Now this is what I call style :urock:
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    LOL! Thank you girl!! Mommies ROCK!
  7. You look so chic, ready to go, and comfortable!
  8. Thank u! Was warm too. Once I break in my moto, I will be even more comfy. I am in the squeaky leather phase. :biggrin:

  9. Rock and Roll!!! So
    Edgy so cool!!!
  10. Thank u sweetie!

  11. Love the rock chic look!
  12. Thank u! U r so cute with ur mini Ant! Love it on u!
  13. Hi. My sister bought this bag just a month ago and she accidentally dripped alcohol/sanitizer on this bag.
    Does anyone here know how to remove this stain? Thank you!:smile: ImageUploadedByPurseForum1399626617.493436.jpg
  14. Oh No……:sad: