Show Pics of your GIVENCHY in Action!!

  1. Hey there! Reebonz has a brand new gray Nightingale on sale right now if you're still looking for one. It's beautiful!
  2. I love my Pandora :heart:
  3. Handsome chic!!! LOVE that pic and that color and leather...ugh, perfection!

    Looks cold but comfortable if that makes any sense. :p
  4. OMG>>> jigga.. you look so cool in your pic!!!:cool:

  5. out and about with my fave travel bag: large nightingale with zips!!!:heart:
    382734_10150439832896307_2003523885_n.jpg 385865_10150439832976307_682121306_8816594_591476652_n.jpg

  6. She really is beautiful, is the colour Olive? How did you get a 30% discount?!!
  7. I am a fan of nightingale and thought Pandora looked weird, but see u guys pictures...I am loving Pandora now. :heart:
  8. I originally thought the same thing until I tried it on. Pure love!!
  9. :urock:
  10. Beautiful
  11. wow STUNNING! :nuts:

    reminds me of 1 of the travels i had w/ my panda. fooled around in the snow while wearing it. still, it remained spotless!

    looking like a star A! :girlsigh: seriously.
  12. so pretty!!! i'm a fan of animal prints and find this b/w one a good mix of sophisticated and fierce!
  13. Hey there girl!!! you are just the sweetest!!! See you back at the celine thread...i guess you love givenchy too!!! So when are we seeing the croc stamped phantom mod pics??? I almost got one at Aloha rag a month ago but.. but... went for the royal blue phantom instead... hope no regrets!!!;)
  14. nice bag!