Show Pics of your GIVENCHY in Action!!

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  1. I'll have pics to share by next week as I'll be travelling with my Pandora this weekend but would love to see action shots from all of you with Givenchy bags, accessories, etc!

    Let's do everything we can to finally have our sub-forum! ;)
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  2. Carrying my Large textured geometric Pandora crossbody

    EDIT: Sorry photos didn't work....will post in a few mins
  3. Ok I'll try again....


  4. You look great. I am glad you posted this pic. The Pandora just looks so much better on than in the shop.
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  5. Great thread Disco! The large pandora looks great on you!
  6. You look great :tup:!
  7. hmm, have been wondering what this bag looks like on a real person and it looks great on you.

    Thanks for sharing.
  8. ^Thanks everyone!! Hope Givenchy bag owners would contribute their own action shots as well so we can keep the thread going :smile:
  9. Great bag, great look !:heart:
  10. Love the Pandora! This is the second week-long trip I've taken since receiving my Medium (textured) black Pandora in August and I am looking forward to carrying it for several days in a row. It's a great bag for everyday but especially good for travel.

    For reference I'm 5'2" without heels, US size 4:

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  11. Your Pandora looks so great on you ehemelay!
  12. ^You look really great with your Pandora ehemalay! :tup: Whenever I see the wrinkled leather it makes my heart skip a beat!
  13. Disco, you need the wrinkled grey, you just know you do! :giggles:
  14. ^LOL Gatsby! I know I do but my wallet doesn't agree with me :giggles::P
  15. I'm just trying to live vicariously through you because you've made me want that Nightingale and I already wanted the textured grey Pandora. That grey is just gorgeous and I wanted the Nightingale before but the color you chose really shows the quality of the leather!