Show pics of whats in your toki bag :D

  1. Since I saw Lattegrl's post of whats in her bag, I was wondering if you all can show a pic of whats in your bag to see what can fit in there :biggrin:

    I dont have my camera at the moment, but will definitely post one later :biggrin:
  2. [​IMG]

    My pirata stellina holds: gum, mirror, mini perfume, mini hand sanitizer, birth control, wallet, makeup case, pen, pencil, tampon, tissue, ipod with case, camera case and camera, keys,
    I also carry hand lotion, which I forgot was still in the bag :p
  3. i love your harajuku wallet! do you normally carry your camera daily?? I think i should start doing that capture some kodak moment! :graucho:
  4. I usually do. I used to wish I had my camera whenever there was something worth taking a picture, so now I do. :smile: It comes in handy, you never know what you'll see when you go out.
  5. Oh God, I got a ton of stuff in my bag, it's a Mamma Mia... no camera & iPod though, I am not a very high-tech person... :rolleyes:
  6. sandyb: yeah i think i should start doing that..there probably a few times i thought to myself darn should have brought a camera!

    juicymario: its ok..:biggrin: though i think that if i start carrying bigger bags im surely going to have more stuff in it...
  7. i have a pic of what fits in the dolce, suprisingly alot!!

  8. :biggrin: wow it sure can fit alot ...i see lots of hello kitty :biggrin:...i like your key covers..those are unique! did you get them in HI? i would like some in chococat :biggrin:
  9. sandy, I carry a camera with me all the time. It's perfect for random times you want to capture a moment.

    Tokidoki lover, the dolce fits so much inside. Love the Hello Kitty keycovers and your playground wallet.
  10. Wow, you really can fit a lot in there! Where did you get those Hello Kitty key holders?! I want them. Also, what is that Pandapple thing?
  11. I almost forgot that I got the Hello Kitty key cover from Sanrio store last week, check it out... it's called "key cap"
  12. guessing its a mirror??
  13. The pandapple thing is a coin holder, his head holds the coins. Its too cute!!

    Thanks guys!! :heart: Im a little bit obsessed with Hello kitty, so needless to say Im stoked about the tokidoki x sanrio collaboration!! :biggrin:
  14. and yes, I got the key caps in Hawaii. But im sure they arent exclusive to HI. I know there is abunch of Hula Hello kitty that is though. And I take my camera with me everywhere and take pictures of everything cause im nuts!! (helps to have a digital though!!)
  15. did you see any chococat ones??