Show off your Straight To Hell ( STH) Jackets!!

  1. pretty colors!
  2. I bought the defector. U made it look too good!! :p
  3. Awesome, please post when you get your jacket!
  4. They're both fantastic! I'm glad I found this thread, I'd been lusting after an All Saints oxblood leather jacket for $550, I like this maroon one better and its more affordable! Thanks!
  5. I'm like a US 0-2. Shoulders are around 14". What size should i get?

    Also, does trash and vaudville in nyc stock other colours besides black? Their website shows that the only stock the unisex defector in black and smallest size is 34. I'm don't want to make a trip all the way downtown and not have anything to try on.
  6. Yes they have other colors! Call them but I works def go three to try them on!!
  7. I got the S in the Lady's Defector in the end. It's a little bit larger but i felt that XS was too small and I didn't want to spend time breaking it in. I'm going to try to "distress" it in the washer and see how things turn out.

    Right now, it's a little too shiny and punk for me. Also, way too many zippers! But I feel like it's going to be much warmer than my favorite Rick Owens jacket.
  8. Do you have mod photos of you wearing it?Would love to see!! The more you wear this the more it will soften up and mold to your body.
    I'm not sure if I would put it on the washer.. Yikes!
  9. I was going to say, I'd love to see it after you wash it!
  10. The label says Dry Clean leather specialist! I think you could damage if you put on washer, just wrinkle it or keep in ball to get that with in look!
  11. Ok, so the jacket has been though 2 cycles of wash and dry and I have some good and bad news!

    Good news first.

    The jacket is pretty much indestructible. Despite what they say about not washing it on your own, my leather is fine. There is only a little wear near the buckles and lost of shine. The leather is also softer but I think that's because it's still damp.

    Bad news later.
  12. Bad news.

    The above.

    Despite what I did, the leather is barely distressed at all. It's not, and probably never will be, a drapey motorcycle jacket. The leather is just too tough and thick for that.

    The cut is also rather weird. The back around the shoulders/armpit area is cut very generously while the waist is cut a little small so the shoulders look at least 2 sizes too big from the back and when the jacket is zipped, it looks like I have a tummy.

    The jacket is also rather noisy. The buckles, zips and even the leather itself makes a lot of noise whenever I move. The leather "squelches" A LOT.

    I was looking for a cheaper alternative to the bal moto jacket -- a drapey motorcycle jacket and I don't think this is it.
  13. They both look great but i'm drooling over the pink. Luv!
  14. Your criticism of the jacket is very helpful to hear! I've been considering purchasing one of these jackets in maroon, like OP's jacket.

    This might be a kind of random question, but do you think the zipper pulls are something that could easily be nipped off with some pliers? I'm thinking that they're a bit much with all of the details going on in the jacket.
  15. I think it would be really hard to do something like that.

    The main thing that bothers me is the squelching though. I mean, the rest is a question of aesthetics. I want something more slouchy but sharp isnt a bad look. The noise (literal noise) is something that kills the jacket because it gets really embarrassing.

    To members who also have this jacket, does the squelching go away ever?