Show off your Paddy. Lets see all those different color paddingtons!

  1. I am currently addicted to Paddingtons so I love to see what colors are out there. Please post pics and name of the color of all your paddingtons!

    Heres my baby my first paddy in Tan :yahoo: :

  2. There was a thread a while back about Chloe colors, but with the new colors coming out it is probably a good idea to see what we can get going again here with updates. These are my Paddy kids. Love them all (but not thinking about getting anymore either). The pic includes the Edith but only because I just took a pic of all Chloe's for the showcase (not just Paddy's). Clockwise from top right is black medium 1-pocket, Whiskey satchel, blanc satchel, rouge satchel, choco satchel.

  3. Goldenx5, you have all the colors I want!! Your collection is AMAZING!!! :nuts:

    I notice that you have a whiskey and chocolate paddington. I am expecting a whiskey one soon. Do you think the colors are too much in the same family? Do you find yourself having to choose one over the other for your outfits or are they pretty much different enough so you have variety? I'll post the whiskey as soon as I receive it!

    In the meantime, here's my chocolate '05. :love:.
    paddy.jpg T.jpg
  4. ^ Goldenx5, I've already commented on you amazing collection in the handbag showcase thread, but seeing this picture again I just have to comment! Chloe Paddington's are my fave handbags, and seeing all the colours together is just fabulous, Loves it!
    Your collection is TDF, keep up the good work lol! Thanks for posting.
  5. This is my dark grey which i adore combined with my new Louboutin shoes (my latest acquisitions).Keep posting everyone, i am anticipating...
    Pictures 066.jpg
  6. Here is my one and only paddy, blanc that is:love:

  7. The paddy you have is it the color Army? My SA called me today to say that she found an Army color Paddy on sale and asked if I wanted to get it. I've never heard of such a color so i'm wondering if this is it since she described it as grayish blue.
  8. Here is my mousse paddy:heart::heart::heart:
  9. Thank you. I love them but have no plans for anymore. The Paddy is actually my DH fav too which is nice.

    But don't ya just love the '05 choco!! As far as whiskey & choco, they are very different in color. Ex. though choco looks okay with olive, the whiskey is stunning with it. Though whiskey is okay with ivory/cream, choco pops against that color more than the whiskey. The color that is too similar to whiskey as far as the same things going with them both, is Tan. I got a tan in April and returned it as I found it went with the same things as the whiskey and since whiskey was my favorite, I didn't need a duplicate color. I also use the whiskey year round.

    Yes, please post pics of your new whiskey once you receive it! :smile:
  10. Love everyones Paddys! Here is S06 Choco & AW05 Tan.
  11. Oh my goodness, Rose. I just saw this. You are a doll!!! Thank you sooo much!! :flowers: :flowers: :flowers:
  12. Mavycakes, inside the round, white Chloe tag there is normally a 'color' (ex. Rouge, Blanc, Noir, etc...). Could your SA tell you what the color says. The color inside the dark grey (at least on the one I got & returned) said 'NOIR' (which was the new SS '06 black... not really black but a very dark greyish blue). The NM SA who sent it to me also described it as a dark grey but on the blue side of grey which is pretty accurate.

    All, your Paddies are lovely!! :love:

    Handbag Addict .... I love your CL's!!! :heart:
  13. this is my only Chloe bag, the Blanc Paddington :love:
    chloe paddington.jpg chloe paddington2.jpg chloe paddington 001.jpg
  14. Hi there.I bought it from net a porter and at the site it was refeared as dark grey which is quite accurate. It is one of the older models i think.I don't think it tends to be a greyish blue. i would describe it as a "moussy" grey.
  15. my baby paddy in midnight blue :smile:

    really hope to have a regular tan one to add to my chloe collection soon :smile:
    here are my current Chloes too :smile: