Show off your Mulberry bits and bobs

  1. Post pics here of any Mulberry bits and bobs you have to share with other Mulberry fans..... belts, agendas,keyrings,purses,cosmetic bags and even clothes ;)
  2. OK, I'll dig out the camera and get snapping my Mulberry goodies.
  3. Here's my Alana wallet and keyring
  4. Both lovely but that keyring is sooooo cute :heart:
  5. Linda, I saw your keyring a few days ago and decided I had to have one!!!
    Mine has turned up today, online brand shop had them on special offer for £35...Nearly got the turtle one as well.....
  6. Here's mine.
    Red zip around purse (bought this year).
    Brown flap over purse (had for about 3 years so it's a bit marked on the front now).
    Black cosmetics bag (had it forever!).
    Black pocket organiser (this one lives in my bag).
    Medium organiser (this one sits on my desk).
    large purse.JPG cosmetics bag.JPG P9240012.JPG P9240015.JPG P9240013.JPG
  7. I'm bumping this thread because I'm sure that there have been some more goodies bought!

    I'd like to see some keyrings!
  8. Oh heres a pic of my Mulberry EMMY wallet (She can be taught ;))

  9. I still haven't figured out how to re-size my photos. I managed to get it from 1.3M to 293 KB, but that's still to large for the site. Anyone know how to re-size photos even smaller than this?
  10. Here's my choccy Alana purse, pale pink Bayswater keyring, and three belts. I'm particularly fond of the pale grey croc-print one, it's so elegant :smile:
    Mulberry accessories.jpg
  11. As you can see, I have this purse in chocolate - it's really lovely in Oak though, I wish I could justify getting another!!
  12. I have a mac - I double click on the photo I want then select File, then Export and there is a box to 'scale images no larger than' and I put 600 in the first box (the width - it will automatically change the second box), then Export it to wherever you want - I put them on the desktop then delete them later.

    If you don't have a mac then I'm not sure sorry.
  13. Thanks for trying ali-bagpuss :smile:, but I don't have a mac. After playing around with all the options for the best part of half an hour :confused1:, I re-took the photo but changed the settings on my camera to the lowest quality and i think it's with-in the range now.

    I have two alana's, one in chocolate and one in black. I still need to return one, but haven't decided which to keep yet. Here they both are. (Alana seems like a popular purse to have.)
  14. oooo, i do not have any mulberry bits and bobs!! That is something that needs to be remedied LOL... I do love the keyrings however espesh the little cat one!! Maybe one day when i have my mulberry BAG fettish under control :nuts:
  15. [​IMG]