Show off your Mulberry bags

  1. As there is no Mulberry sub forum:confused1: Share your pics here:yes:
  2. you first!
  3. Ok well here goes for starters... this is my baby i :heart: this one sooooo much Mulberry Roxanne in python :yes: oK IT SAYS FILE TOO BIG FOR THE FORUM ... JUST GOING TO MAKE IT SMALLER
  4. :popcorn: Can't wait!
  5. Ok i have taken the pic 3 times and it is still too big to post so .... i have placed the picture under my profile , click my username and select profile and you will see my Roxanne :yes:
  6. Will post piccie of my Oak annie if I can figure out how to attach pics!
  7. To attach pic when you reply there are some symbols at the top of the quote box click on the one that looks like a paper clip, browse your pictures and select upload you will get a message if it has been a success and you can simply close the window :smile:
  8. I have never been able to master posting pics - had to get someone else to do it for me! If I can work it out I'll post my Mulberrys - one black Helier, chocolate Soho & cream Soho.
  9. Great i look forward to it :yes: Read my post above and it tells you how to attach pics
  10. Lovely :heart:

    Heres mine:

    Oak rosemary [​IMG]

    Black araline [​IMG]

    Does anyone know whether the aralines have been 'faked' in the way that some of the other mulberry styles have? Im thinking of getting another one off of eBay, but am wary of fakes. Thanks :smile:
  11. Both lovely :yes: :yes: and yes i believe they have been faked as i saw one on eBay 2 weeks ago that was almost certainly a copy.
  12. Really? An araline? Thanks. I am so wary, ive only ever bought direct from mulberry before, but I really want a claret araline...:sad:
  13. Is it one that is on Ebay at the moment?
  14. yes it is mulberrylove
  15. I will search on Ebay and have a look for you and see what i think