Show off your matching Coach!

  1. Alright ladies, let's see your coordinating Coach pieces! I know many of you have wallets, skinnies, and the watchnot to match your bags. Now's your chance to show them off! I'll start with my matching signature stripe items.

    Crimson Signature Stripe Scarf & Wristlet

  2. Ok here is mine so far. I am currently waiting to go get some more items that will match and be interchangeable with other bags.
  3. Katriese I absolutely love your crimson stripe items. They are so stunning and sophisticated!
  4. Here are my sets:
    My Legacy Shoulder Zip Br/Kh/Eb with matching turnlock mini skinny
    My NEW PCE Purchase: Turquoise Ergo Tote & coordinating wristlet.
    I also ordered the Crimson Sig Stripe Tote with Large Beauty Case & Wristlet, but I am just not feeling it....they'll go back to the boutique this week.
    newlegacygoody.jpg IMG_2088.JPG
  5. Poppy duffle and matching wristlet. I have heard some people think the Poppy is ugly, but I love it!!
  6. Thanks, Rapunzel! Coachmama what great chocolate pieces. Mmmm.

    Purse-O-Nality, I've never seen that skinny. Love it! And gettinnpurseonal that poppy wristlet is pretty cute.
  7. You can still order the crimson tote and wristlet? Do you have the style numbers? I need to call my SA:nuts:
  8. Wristlet is 40028... I'm sure purse-o-nality can give you the tote style number. Hope you find them! The color is just great.
  9. Gettingpursonal, I love the poppy stuff too!!!!!! I remember drooling over it when it first came out and i always get so tempted when i see them on eBay. I'm dying to have the poppy Gallery tote in the white leather and a matching smaller item, not to mention a scarf!...*goes off into happy place to daydream about poppy bags*
  10. luv, luv, luv chocolate. something about browns, i think i need to get the chocolate carly..
  11. I love the chocolate too. I think I may end up getting another bag this color and the carly is a big possibility.
  12. Soho Metallic Option Hobo, Wristlet, Wallet and Zebra Slim Flap, Coin and Card
    optic2.jpg PICT0098.jpg
  13. Entheos, WOW, you are SO coordinated!!! I'm definitely impressed!
  14. Here is my set
    Pear Set 2.JPG
  15. Great thread! Here are a couple of mine:smile: OOps! Forgot my pond legacy shoulder that goes with my wallet!
    Ebay Pics 274.jpg Ebay Pics 305.jpg