Show Off Your LAMB Oversized Clutch (PICS)

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  1. I've been looking at the LAMB Carlisle Clutch (lipstick) and the Treviso Clutch (black leather) for some time now but I have no idea how big the purse is actually because I've never seen it in person. Nor can I tell how much stuff it will actually hold. Would you guys mind sharing photos of the LAMB oversized clutch, preferably holding it so I can tell in relation to your body how big the bag actually is. It'd be great if someone commented or showed pics of how much the bag can hold too.;)
  2. There are some pics of what you can fit inside in the 'LAMB GUTS' thread too. :tup:

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  3. Thanks so much....I check out that thread too!:smile:
  4. As a tote, you can really cram a lot of stuff in there. As a clutch, it's just about perfect for a makeup bag, wallet, keys and sunglasses. Or at least that's what I stick in there. :graucho:
  5. I have the Cheetah Carlisle and it's actually very wide. But since it's so thin, it's not too bulky. It doesn't really hold a whole lot, either, since it's really got no depth to it. But, I don't tend to carry that much anyways. I really like this bag and find myself switching from clutch to tote throughout the day. Sometimes, it's just easier to carry as a tote, if I'm carrying something else too. But everytime I use it, I get tons of compliments on it. It's a very unique and striking bag.
  6. Thanks ladies for the info. I decided to order the Treviso Clutch in black leather. I was tempted to get the Carlisle Lipstick but I'm so not a logo person. I can't wait until it arrives. I ordered it through at 25% off.
  7. Ha! You say that until you actually see that Lipstick patent in person. LOL Congrats, the Treviso is gorgeous! :yes:
  8. you're gonna love the treviso! :tup: congratsss!
  9. I have a love hate relationship with this bag.
  10. Why...please elaborate? :s