Show off your heat stamp! (if you have it) lol

  1. We all want to see them!

    Doesn't matter what it is, luggage tags or the actual piece. :biggrin:

    I want to get something stamped but I am not sure what yet!
  2. Just got this number in today... :biggrin: My Damier Pocket Agenda named Tyson Blaine... :heart:. :amuse:

  3. I love it!
  4. Here are two of my speedies!
    speedy with initials.1.JPG initials up-close.1.JPG Damier Speedy 25.1.JPG gold initials.1.JPG
  5. Here's the luggage tag from my Mono Keepall 45:
  6. They are gorgeous!!!!:love: I love the look of the epi speedy, what's it like to use?
  7. I love Speedy 25 in Epi! It is more structured than canvas speedies and it doesn't sag. It looks greats with suits as well as with casual attire and it's more "low-key" LV. I love it!
  8. here's the lugg tag of my Keepall bandouliere 50:
  9. and here's one on my new Ouvea Carryall:


  10. I only got one heat stamp so far:

  11. Here's my french purse heatstamped. :love:
    LV french wallet.jpg LV french wallet 2.jpg
  12. likeafeather.. luv luv luv yr black epi speedy and the silver stamp!!!

    deluxeduck, is yrs just a stamp w/out colour? or is it gold? i like yrs alot too!
  13. Wow, these look great! Makes me want to heat stamp my speedy when I get it even more! :love:
  14. kahluamilk, yes it's colourless. ;)
  15. Here's my Porte Valeurs Organizer and Luggage Tag.