Show off your Gucci shoes!

  1. I just purchased my first pair of Gucci sandals. Thanks for allowing me to share...
    IMG_1545.JPG IMG_1544.JPG
  2. Congrats! Very, very nice!:yahoo:
  3. I love the Britt/New Britt shoes. They are hot.
  4. Very cute!!! I am so into gucci pumps right now I just got a new pair!!! Congrats!
  5. Those are hot! I love the sleek reflective silver leather... Congrats!
  6. too too hot!!
  7. OOOOOOO...makes me wish for warmer days again!!!
  8. niceeeeeeee
  9. Ooh I like those, congrats!
  10. those are super cute!
  11. Gorgious coleigh! Congrats!!
    I'll go second:
    My new black satin gucci's with Swarovski Bamboo: :yahoo:
  12. Roxana, love your sandals. They seem just the right height. Enjoy.
  13. Boo I don't have any news shoes to share..just those bamboo flats I got in August. Or was it september? Time for new shoes! Lol.
  14. My first and only pair, the Eva platform bootie from this year's fall shoe collection. They're amazingly comfortable at a little over 4" -- as if I needed to be any taller.
    DSC00365.JPG DSC00366.JPG DSC00367.JPG
  15. TD, your shoes are TDF!