Show off your evening bags!

  1. I have a few bags that don't see the light of day unless there is a wedding, charity event, or dressy party. I am posting photos of my "event" bags and would love to see what you use for special events. I am sure that most of you will have some stunners as my traditional bent does not make for much fireworks in the bag department!

    1. Judith Leiber minaudiere, Bally black quilted clutch
    2. Vintage and beaded bags
    Clutches.jpg Vintage&Beaded.jpg
  2. Gorgeous bags, congratulations
  3. I have a couple others, but no pics of them. These are all from Moo Roo, a designer in Charleston, SC. The company will be changing with new ownership, so I'm wondering what to expect. The purse with flowers is always an attention-getter. I love it!
  4. Oh Gawd...I haven't even gotten into the evening bag scene....nor the wallets... I've got a lot of shopping to do!
  5. bagsforme, thanks for providing the link to the earlier thread about evening bags! I went to that thread and loved the bags posted. Beautiful!

    boxermom, your Moo Roo bags are gorgeous! I went to their website and they are having a huge sale, over 50% off, on the most stunning bags. Ugh... I so did not need to be tempted!

    (To the powers that be, please do whatever you deem necessary if this is considered a duplicate thread.)