Show off your ebay purchase here!

  1. A lot of the members here scored great buys from eBay. Please share your joy here. Pictures and prices please!
  2. So far the only Chanel I have purchased on eBay has been some discontinued earrings and I don't think I got much of a deal - but otherwise I wouldn't have been able to get them anywhere else.
  3. I was able to find a bronze (though the tag says dark gold I think) diagnol stitch flap bag (original price $1475 I believe), which I got it for $975ish. I also just found a Caviar and Pony tote for $1150, original price $1650 I believe. :smile: Other than that some cute lucite/rhinestone earrings, and odds and ends. I will try to post some pics soon! :smile:

  4. I won this Cambon Bowler for my DD for $800 incl shipping! I think it was a great deal, came with all the extras - card, dust bag, box, etc.
    Retail is $1375

  5. also won this Kelly for $690 - no extras though, but Like New so still a great deal I think!
    Retail is $1450

  6. Oh and also this Chanel Ring for $255 shipped :p
    Retail was $280

  7. One more - just won a pair of Cambon Sandals for my DD also for $275 shipped - sorry no pic!
    Retail was $510

    :p :nuts: :p
  8. I got this for a STEAL (about $350) because I think the measurements were posted incorrectly. It turned out to be much larger than a small evening bag. I'm not sure what season this is from, but it's a calfskin bag and I think it's just darling! Unfortunately, I rarely use it.

  9. ooh gorgeous!!~:drool:
  10. I will receive two bags by the end of this week. Will post pictures then!