Show off your cosmetic cases!


May 3, 2007
I don't wear cosmetics, but I do carry nail implements and odds and ends - here is what I carry in my bag - clockwise, starting at top left: OrYany Goatskin wallet (I changed the chains the leather charms were on to leather), a Sammy Handmade in Ethiopia tie-dyed pouch (love this!), a handmade pouch I bought at a craft show, a red leather pen/pencil holder (carries a pen, cuticle trimmer, dental pick), and a red patent leather case I adopted to use as a tissue holder (the blue 'flap' protects the tissue).

2nd photo shows a better look at the Sammy pouch - I swear, this thing is incredible - softest sheepskin leather... and the last is another shot of the handcrafted pouch (which carries a small battery-powered light in case of emergencies or if I need it to read my old-school Kindle).

Any of the Sammy Handmade pouches have three sections - you'll find them at Les Nouvelles online (and sometimes Barney's.)


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