Show off your Charms and Key FOB's!

  1. I Love seeing everyone's charms and Key FOB's, so go ahead and post em!

    I have many of them, here are some of mine. I will take more pictures later this evening.
  2. group charms and bal first grey.jpg
  3. Cute! I just love the shoes!
  4. I keep posting the same pics in different threads, so please forgive me, but I love to contribute and have to hide my obsession - just a touch - when dh is home. I can't bring myself to take pics in front of him! But here are some of my keyfobs and my charms:

    the keyfobs I just got yesterday at the outlet - mink fob (which I've started to really love) and ombre star. I also own a goldfish (who's pretty beat up because I use him every day) and a multi heart keyfob that are in my bags right now . . .

    I love my piggy and Gemini charm. I've even considered getting the Taurus and Pisces ones b/c those are my dh's and daughter's signs (any excuse to buy more accessories! LOL!)
    new goodies.JPG skinnies n fobs.JPG
  5. I was just going to start a similar thread..for now i have the

    Coach - New LIPS CHARM

    and I hope to get the signature flower one soon.
  6. willowsmom I LOVE that gold skinny! Especially since its symmetrical LOL! Me wants..
  7. Here's mine!


  8. that mink fob is awesome!! do you mind me asking how much it was???
  9. thanks aarti! I couldn't resist it - so darn cute!

    krispin - I love all your charms! We match with the pig and my daughter picked out the star charm at the outlet as a reward for not sucking her fingers in school (she's 4 and, yes, I - and my mom- have created a little fashion diva. She'd better get a job ;) I'm thinking about confiscating that from her soon since it's currently residing on a Hello Kitty bag in a dress up clothes bin!

    The lips are SOOO cute!
  10. Sorry - you must have posted while I was responding!

    The mink fob wasn't all that cheap - $39, but it retailed for $89, so I guess everything is relative. I just thought it was soo adorable and it really keeps growing on me every time I look at it. In fact, I'm holding it right now! LOL!
  11. Gorgeous charms girls! Here are mine, I'm only missing one (my new starfish cell phone charm I'm using as a bag charm.

  12. ^^^^^ OMG anotherempty sky - I love your collection there! I was oogling that butterfly charm on eBay a while ago. Great stuff!
  13. I can see where your daughter gets her taste! I learned from my Mom too! :graucho:
  14. ^^^^^ aww thanks! What's funny is that I totally wasn't into bags or anything anything until, well, nowish, and my daughter is just over the top girly girl and into accessorizing! My mom's thrilled - she's the little JAP (Jewish American Princess - we're Jewish) that she never had when I was growing up!
  15. I only have one charm for now.