Show off your burberry warrior/knight/or any studded bags! Pics and comments**

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  1. Let see them::smile:
  2. [​IMG]





  3. great knight bag! this thread should be fun.....
  4. thx my dear, I sure hope so too:smile:

  5., am i the only one with this bag? cool..:yahoo:
  6. Great bags airborne! The warrior looks great on you :tup:.

    This is a pic of me and the Burberry Lowrey tote with studs. I sold it a while ago because I found it a little bit too big for me.


    Attached Files:

  7. It's amazing! I always loved the Burberry Lowrey tote with studs..patent and studs makes such a very good contrast. I love large bags, I think this bag looks really nice on you..thanks for sharing:flowers:
  8. I have this one! The flash is on

  9. so beautiful...:yahoo:
  10. Thanks! :biggrin:
  11. these bags are gorgeous!!
  12. lzzy_w, I just saw yours being carried by Blake Lively in an old episode of Gossip Girl
  13. Thank you :biggrin:! Unfortunately it felt a little bit like luggage on me so I sold it :P.

    Izzy_w: Nice bag!
  14. i have a gold warrior without studs, and a nova check/trench studded warrior, i also have a nova check/trench studded wristlet.

    i'll try to get some pics later.
  15. awesome! cant wait for pics:yahoo: