Show Off Your Burberry Collection

  1. Hello To Burberry fans!!!
  2. Burberry purse, I have a larger one from the same line -I love mine, esp in the spring/summer!! What fun!! Enjoy!!!:yes:
  3. wow, first time posting one of my bags! Introducing a Mini Cinda leather in Sienna colour:
    cinda.jpg cinda2.jpg
  4. I love the color of your bag, it's a beauty

  5. Thanks! I'm a bit afraid I won't carry it a lot in spring/summer, I think it's a bag for cold weather...what do you think?
  6. Sorry my pic is so small- but I wanted to share my Burberry collection with you guys!

    Denim pochette
  7. I saw the pink one at the store long ago. I hesitated on whether I was going to buy it. I said next time and before I knew they were off the shelves... I regret that!:crybaby: But glad you got yours

  8. Love it, thanks for sharing!~

  9. Nice collection you have started, love the dog in your avatar too!!!

  10. that bowler bag is TDF! i just officially fell in love! FABULOUS taste.
  11. OMG!! i Love that Tote.. I had it but sold it a few years back and have regretted it since As I love the red trim instead of the black!
  12. gorgeous bag
  13. Very nice!
  14. Here are the rest, including my favorite the one in the middle I purchased in Burberry London!
    burberry mini shoulder.jpg burberry london.JPG burberry family.JPG
  15. [​IMG]
    It's lovely! Congratulations