Show off your all your INDIE NOTDs here!!!

  1. This is to showcase all our beautiful INDIE swatches NOTDS. Feel free to post and chat about them here. We have so many threads for bottle spam ones, so this thread is dedicated to our lovely individual manicures from all our INDIE hauls/stash!
  2. Northern Star "Pink Flamingo" over Butter London "Lady Muck"
  3. Beautiful, V! I like the shorter nails too. :biggrin:
  4. I hate to say it, but is this not fairly similar to the indie swatch threads...
  5. the individual creators threads where we post NOTD's. AND then the NOTD thread that is stickied at the top (what nail polish are you wearing?), where everyone posts their nail of the day.

  6. Cheers E! The sun finally said hello all day today, after dreaded hailstorms and constant showers the past fortnight!

    So what better way to show off Kristin's new creation over at Northern Star which unveils back for reopening on August! I have 3 gorgeous shades as early birthday gifts and this one I'm loving so much. You know I hardly do pink but Kristin won me over this beauty!!

    Those threads you mentioned clearly states the word "only", please no chatting... So this one you can easily keep up with what INDIE swatches we do and can chat on each manicure as stated on this thread.
  7. This is beautiful :smile:
  8. This is absolutely gorgeous!!! Too bad BL doesn't wear well on me, otherwise this is mine lol
  9. So now that the indie thread reached its limit... There's no reason why this can't be used for it now? LOL
  10. I see no issue with this thread. Mainstream brands have multiple threads with similar (but different enough) intentions.
    My issues are:
    1. the tone of this thread after OP opened it. Disappointing :shucks:

    2. Indies threads need to be more organized than they are now. :cray: They are all over the place, please keep with the original intention of each thread. It makes searching the thread SO much easier and they won't hit 10,000 posts quickly have have to be closed.
  11. So does this mean we shouldn't post indie NOTDs in the old thread, only here? And only chatter about shops in the other?
  12. The thread we just closed and reopened?
  13. Yes!
  14. Thanks! Then yes, post them in their own thread, post them here, post them in the NOTD stickey. One of them, all of them, none of them! lol

    The intention of the other thread is to discuss small brands, preferably not brands who already have a thread.

    I promise you I'm not trying to be a micro manager. That is the last thing I am or want to be. I'm trying to have this forum organized, if you have sh..stuff everywhere you can't find it! I'm trying to make it so stuff is easy to find.
  15. I guess it depends on what you're trying to find? Indie nail pictures are already easy enough to find - we have the three picture threads. Being able to post pictures in all or none of the threads you mentioned just makes things harder to find IMO - as there are too many threads where pictures could possibly be.

    I too, like the idea of a general catch-all indie discussion thread. I don't find I have the time to catch up on so many threads - I already feel like I neglect the brand threads because there is too much to keep up with.